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Cory Marquardt


See Cory Marquardt’s 6 foot 1 inch 220 pound frame and it’s easy to believe he played three years of junior hockey. Hear Cory’s passion for flying and you’ll understand his pursuit of becoming a pilot. Watch Cory perform and you’ll agree he was destined to be a country music star!

As one of the most dynamic and interesting new country music talents, Marquardt possesses a singing voice that is second to none, a songwriting talent as big as his size, and a swagger on stage of a seasoned rock star. These formidable qualities are also the reason why he has quickly amassed a support team of leading industry players, including the Invictus Entertainment Agency, O’Reilly International Management, and On Ramp Records.

Like many North Bay, Ontario boys, Marquardt started playing hockey when he was just three years old. At age 10, he took a shine to the drums, and began playing along to Rush, Deep Purple, and Shania Twain records on a drum set he built out of paint cans in the basement. When he hit sixth grade, and was showing incredible promise on his paint cans, the investment was made to get Cory on a real drum kit. As time went by, his skills continued to develop on the drums and the rink. When it came time for Cory to choose a vocation, he decided to enroll in flight school and pursue more hockey. But fate would intervene.

One winter night in Kingston, Marquardt’s hockey teammates and college buddies went out for a couple of pints at a local bar, where a local musician was playing an acoustic show. One of Cory's teammates knew that musician, and suggested he call Cory up at the end of one of his sets. He did, and a reluctant Cory Marquardt succumbed to the cheers of hockey players and airmen. He played songs by some of his musical heroes, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard and Zac Brown. The packed bar fell in love with him, and he with the stage. Cory had caught the bug.

With fresh enthusiasm, Marquardt decided to pursue the musical path with the same commitment and passion as all his other exploits. He began to make regular trips to Nashville to write songs. He put a band together and performed wherever possible, developing a reputation for a crowd pleasing show. In 2013 he entered the studio to record music from his treasure trove of self-penned songs. And in May 2014, Cory is pleased to reveal the fruits of his labour by releasing his first single to Canadian radio and CMT on On Ramp Records / Warner Music Canada.